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Yauheni Beladzed photo





In cooperation with Right designers and editors, we made a case study about a smart service for automatic recognition of invoices. It helps to automate routine tasks and reduce the total duration of accountants to make invoices several times. Redesigned the layouts of the service, came up with a cool storytelling, added a 3D dragon and eventually got two ribbons on Behance.

feb 2023

R>case study

Delivery Docs


Together with the Right designer we share the experience about Onliner ecosystem rebranding. The case has interesting and outstanding typography, a non-standard grid, a lot of graphic techniques and even an interactive block, with which we have encountered problems at the release.

apr 2022

R>case study



Helped with the storytelling about the work on the interface and branding of the AgTech platform OneSoil. Took part in the creation of a case for Behance and a website as an art director. Along with the Right designer, we collected Dribbble shots and pictures for social networks. A huge amount of time has been spent, but as a result, we got 2 ribbons on Behance.

apr 2022

R>case study



New personal achievement unlocked. Got promoted — from UX/UI designer to Art director. Tasks to-do: monitor the necessary level of project quality, engage in team skills development and inner processes, keep assisting the designers on ongoing projects and maybe outside Right. Stay tuned, guys!

mar 2022…

new position

Lead Designer at Right Studio


As far as I can remember, I’ve always liked interesting cars. As a child, I had a BMW Z3 model, and 20 years later I bought this particular model in excellent condition. Thoughts are things.

dec 2022


BMW Z3 e36/7


Supported and developed a service for exchanging documents with digital signatures in the client’s team. Worked with product features and research. I have reassembled the design system and refreshed more than 20 product layout files based on the new identity.





I have been working with an online legal solutions service for more than a year. The project turned out to be specific because of the audience: accountants and lawyers. It was important to take into account the low level of computer literacy and the quality of the screens from which the service was used. I put together an up-to-date design system of the project and implemented more than 50 features in close cooperation with developers and business analysts from the client side.





Was responsible for the entire mentoring part of the interface and landing designer courses. Helped to organize interactive workshops, and tended to them not being boring. Controlled the mentors’ work processes, reworked the experience of interaction with students so that the training was as effective as possible. Here goes the photo with the context of drinking wine in Tbilisi and having a great time "in reality".


new position

Leaad mentor at Y.Praktikum


Took an offline course by Igor Shtang in St. Petersburg. I practiced working with complex tables, non-standard layout of elements, worked with various formats and, of course, walked around the city. During the course, Igor gave a lot of feedback, after which the work went to the second, or even the third round. It was interesting to hear not only about my layouts, but also to see how other designers approach solving the same tasks.

may 2021


Typography and layout


Along with designer Mikhail Horakh, we designed a website for a startup that analyzes large amounts of data. I have worked on 4 versions of layouts with a non-standard grid. I have created a universal page‑constructor for publishing cases.

dec 2020




Fintech, complex interfaces, ATMs, terminals — that all means Right. And for me, it is rather difficult and interesting. We talked with the founder of the studio Sasha Revyako and here I am a designer of one of the most outstanding design companies in Belarus.

dec 2020…

new position

UX/UI designer at Right Studio


Created and supported a startup about medical tourism before the launch. I have rendered 200+ pages, screens and states of the admin panel and the user part of the service. Conducted pre-project interviews with potential users, engaged in research. I collected a landing page and a pitchdeck, which helped to get a large amount of investments and contracts with clinics. But there was a pandemic and the project was put on pause.

jan-dec 2020




Saw a project on Instagram, the idea of which once flashed in my head. I replied and offered my help. I created a landing page on the Tilde, which helped to sell cards for $2000+ for $30 to an advertising company.

aug 2020


Scratch map of Belarus


According to the results of the Mentor School, Yandex Practicum offered me to mentor the group on the interface designer course. The course lasted for 8 months and all this time I accompanied design newbies. Broadcast my experience in Slack and Zoom meetings, conducted interactive webinars. 10 people out of 13 who reached the end of the course got a job as designers.

aug 2020

new position

Mentor at Y.Praktikum


Helped Junior designer in developing their skills in the company, saw the course advertisement and decided to improve mentoring skills. I took the course of Yandex Practicum Mentor School and applied adopt best practices from there in my work.

aug 2020


Mentor school


Created a game test for data visualization rules at Intuition Park. It shows typical errors and helps to sort them out through tooltips after each answer. There was nothing but the deadline, it was necessary to organize somehow and make it on time. Through pain and suffering, we finally released a part that still pops up in the designers’ information field and makes you smile nostalgically. I gained 1700 points, and you?)

jul 2020




After 4 years of freelancing, I decided to try working in a company with a team, an office and official registration. So, I got a job in a marketing agency, where he worked on the projects like SteelLine, Porte-Richi, Kingstyle, Garfield, and many others. It turned out that working in a team where everyone is responsible for something of their own is effective and rather cool. I worked there for almost two years and got a great experience.


new position

Designer at Cheshire cat


Launched an aggregator of investment solutions. Figured out what is stocks, funds, trading and other words that were difficult in understanding for me at that time. Redesigned the selection algorithm, and simplified the basic form to two steps. Improved the service after feedback from users.